Five times more data in free StatCounter

The logfile for the free StatCounter trackers has been increased 5 times. You can now track detailed data for the last 500 visitors to your website. This means a better overview of browser and system data, referrer information, search engines and keywords.

If you are an existing free member of the StatCounter service, then you have to manually update your projects to get the increased logfile. You do this by logging into StatCounter and clicking the wrench icon beside your project. Click ?Adjust Log Size?, and enter 500 in the box. Click ?Adjust Project Log? and you're done.

This improvement may have an impact on the ranking in our test. There is a chance StatCounter may again claim the first place, but it is a very close competition at the top of the list. We'll keep you posted.

wim | Wednesday 30 May 2007 at 9:59 pm | | en | One comment
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GoStats offers more options than any other tracker

Since early this year the free GoStats tracker has been re-newed and now offers countless reporting options, more than any other free visitor tracking service. There is also a paid version of GoStats, the differences between the paid and free version are minimal. The free GoStats misses the option to set your own reporting periods, does not show a world map, and detailed reports are on last 100 visitors only. For most of us the free version is good enough to do the daily analysis of the website visits, the paid version makes sense if you earn a few bucks with your site and you can use it to increase your earnings.

GoStats provide in-depth tracking information, such as entry and exit page statistics, depth and duration of visits. And also visitor path information, but to me it is unclear what is supposed to be reported here as it is completely different information (it seems) as what other trackers are showing for visitor path statistics. Well, maybe I should ask in the forum, as the support forum seems very active, definitely a big help in case someone gets stuck with something related to GoStats.

Lowest scoring item in the test of GoStats is the presentation of the data on the stats pages. The graphics are hard to read (although you can switch easily between line and bar charts, but it does not really help getting it better to read), and there is no clear overview. A customized dashboard would be a definite bonus, as it takes now too much time to go through the reports, since there are so many and the load time varies.

We did not mention the WordPress plugin, the countless options to choose from for customizing your icon, the option for weekly email overviews, the customization of the public stats. Well I guess you get the picture: GoStats is one of the best free trackers, and we can recommend it for your site.

wim | Monday 09 April 2007 at 9:20 pm | | en | One comment
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Quiet here

It has been (very) quiet here, lately. There is no major news on this site perhaps, but the counter reviews are being kept up to date. So you can continue to compare hosted counters and trackers in our counter overview. And select the appropriate visitor tracker based on your requirements in our query tool.

wim | Saturday 10 February 2007 at 1:32 pm | | en | Two comments

Google Analytics

If someone is able to write a book with 336 pages about it, how am I going to tell something useful about Google Analytics is less than 336 words? Well, I can't. And you may understand that this web analysis package also requires a bit more effort before you are able to maximize it's use. I think that if you are running a standard website or weblog, that you should spend most of your time on writing articles, and not on trying to understand Google Analytics reports. On the other hand, if you are making some money with your website, then GA allows you to verify the changes you make to your website or campaigns and will help to increase your income.


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I am not sure about the inside, the technical setup, but from the outside ActiveMeter is looking like it is cloned from Statcounter. Both trackers call your counters 'projects', both have similar limitation in 'log size' (last 150 visiters in ActiveMeter, last 100 in Statcounter), and the two share the common setup of a dashboard with high level data from all your counters on one page. And also page navigation through the reports is similar. But there is more to say about ActiveMeter.


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We have another tracker that conquers a spot in the top ranks of the Free Tracker Test. W3Counter proves that it is not only possible by flooding the user with reports, but by concentrating on quality reports and a couple of nice features. To start with these features: W3Counter provides RSS feed tracking and has a built-in link tracker. Continue reading if you want to know how this works.


wim | Wednesday 15 November 2006 at 7:49 pm | | en_new | No comments

Performancing Metrics

Since we have tested so many counters and trackers already, is there anything new to discover? Well, this time the answer is affirmative, because Performance Metrics is certainly different from the rest. This visitor statistics services is primarily targeted towards bloggers using one of the supported weblog tools: Wordpress, Drupal, Typepad, Blogger or Movable Type. But Performance Metrics can be used with other websites as well.


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Speed of Stats Sheet now acceptable

When we did the initial review of Stats Sheet for the Tracker Test, it was obvious that it was failing on one point specifically: speed. But you can improve what is not working, and that is exactly what the people at Stats Sheet did: both the speed of the tracker code and of the stats pages has improved considerably, in some cases more than 10 times improvement in load times.


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StatCounter tracks visitors with Google Maps

We already knew of a service called that allows you to track your visitors on a Google Map. But a separate service is not needed if you use StatCounter for your web tracking needs, since StatCounter now also offers Google Maps integration, easily accessible from your statistics pages using the menu option Recent Visitor Map.

This allows you to get a quick overview of the geographic spread of your visitors. And by clicking on a marker, individual visitor information, such as their webbrowser or referrer, can be checked. It is a nice extension on the already powerful StatCounter, and maybe just the extra reason to give this free website tracker a try.
click for full view

wim | Thursday 24 August 2006 at 7:57 pm | | en | Two comments


A strange name for a counter, but stimulusResponse are indeed offering a free website tracking service. Not the very best, when compared in our test, but also not really bad. Especially the good referrer information and data on search engines and search keywords is what made us smile. The icon for this tracker, a light grey circle, is that difficult to notice that it can be considered almost an invisible service. Maybe you should just give it a try, you can get one on the stimulusResponse website.

wim | Monday 03 July 2006 at 10:06 pm | | en, en_new | No comments

May I have your votes, please

If you want to, you can now rate articles on This is all beta testing of a pivot-port of an existing WP plugin, votio, that has some nifty AJAX data handling and a nice intuitive user interface. Hope you like it, I certainly do.

For now you can vote limitless, there is no cookie handling during the testing phase so you can vote as often as you want for the same article. Not sure that I will keep the votes around after testing is done, though, likely I will reset the whole thing at some time.

For the Pivot bloggers out there who want this on their weblog: I will be wrapping this one up soon and will announce it in the Pivot forum when ready.

wim | Monday 23 January 2006 at 10:09 pm | | en | No comments

Again we have found a first class site tracker. Hitscreen enters the top 5 in our test, and not without reason because this service has a lot of options.


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Comment spam not appreciated here

On this site I allow commenting, to provide readers an opportunity to add their opinions, and ask questions, about the articles that I write. But non-relevant comments are not appreciated; in fact I think those messages to be offensive to myself and my readers.

It is obvious that since this is my own website, that I have the right to delete comments and remove links, and to block comments based on content or origin. I have been doing this to prevent comment spam, and I will continue to do so. From time to time it may be necessary to remove the comment option as a whole. Unfortunately that has become necessary today as a result of another comment spam run on this website. I hope to have commenting available soon again.

Update: comments are enabled again. But you will notice that your url will not be displayed immediately. Url's will be reviewed and, if proper for this site, added to the comment later.

admin | Thursday 15 December 2005 at 9:43 pm | | en | One comment

XiTi Gratuit

The free tracking service of XiTi existed since a long time, but we never took the effort to add it to the Free Tracker Test. But we have made good on this omission now, and have extensively tested this counter. XiTi Gratuit is a very decent service, but there is one issue, almost a show stopper, and that is that this counter is not realtime.


wim | Tuesday 18 October 2005 at 8:41 pm | | en_new | No comments


Tracksy is another new counter in our test, and it ranks high when compared to the competition. Maybe you should read this entire article to find out more about this tracker.


wim | Sunday 16 October 2005 at 8:25 pm | | en_new | No comments